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Industrial Inspection Division
NDT Engineering Services:

AISCO has expert and qualified Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspectors who are certified by the American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT). Our Company is specialized in conducting and failure analysis using all types of NDT methods including but not limited to (Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (LPT), Dye Penetrant Testing (LPT) and Eddy Current Testing (ECT). We can establish the cause and extent of losses and advise on preventive measures.

Plant Condition Surveys:

On behalf of operators and underwriters, AISCO can be contracted for regular condition surveys during periodic or repair shutdowns. Our industrial inspection and quality control services can support the requirements for independent testing, as mandated by Quality Management Systems.

Repair Consultancy:

AISCO can perform a thorough assessment of machinery in order to prepare detailed repair specifications. This service allows owners and managers to obtain meaningful quotations.

Loss Prevention:

AISCO has the expertise to conduct industrial safety inspections and commercial loss prevention studies that take security, safety & health, and business continuity into consideration. Our services aim to protect people, property and information.

Pre-Risk Surveys:

We can carry out Pre-Risk Surveys on behalf of insurers and contractors, often prior to renewal of insurance and/or maintenance agreements.