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Cargo & Preshipment Inspection Division

Through our global contacts, we are able to advise upon and arrange Third-Party Surveys and Pre-Shipment Inspections to establish both the quality and quantity of the goods involved in the business transaction.

This service is available for most types of cargo commodities, such as project cargo, machinery, equipment and general cargo, thus providing assurance that transactions fulfill the contractual requirements and conforms to national and international standards.

We also carry out pre-shipment inspections for goods exported from Saudi Arabia, a service that can boost the export-potential for Saudi manufacturers. Utilization of this service, which may be a condition on the Letter of Credit (LC), will benefit the marketing strategy of manufacturers, as they gain independent attestation to the quality of their product.

  • Progress Reports
  • Hold/Tank Cleanliness and Suitability Inspections
  • Price Verification
  • Monitoring of Loading or Discharge
  • Quality Assurance
  • Quantity Appraisal by Tallying, Weighing or Draft Survey
  • Quality Analysis by Representative Sampling
  • Control of Packing
  • LPG-Cylinder Manufacturer and Shipping Inspections
  • Sampling
  • Container Sealing
  • Fraud Prevention Measures